Attended in Kenya, Somali refugees.

In July 2011, the United Nations declared in Somalia famine areas, this crisis was caused by the worst drought in decades and killed thousands of livestock, the rise in food prices and social instability Islamic radicalism in a country without a state.

Again, hunger punished thousands of people emigrating walk hundreds of kilometers to reach the Kenyan border hoping to find sustenance and ensure the survival of their families.

Two of our international aid workers traveled to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and after several weeks of management in a challenging environment, we get government permission to travel to the border area to start a program of temporary health and nutrition assistance, so as to assist children and mothers Somalis fleeing famine.

After a long journey, carrying on a bus all health, nutritional and material equipment (tent large among several items), we settled in the town of Hárbole, about 50 km from the Somali border in a camp humanitarian emergency. Our team was made up of a nurse, two assistants, and several local aid workers. In this area practically deserted, we received drinking water, powdered milk, medicines, food and shelter to many refugees arriving on foot.

 We established a regular monitoring of children in order to minimize the risks of child mortality and improving the living conditions of the community. There, during the 2 toughest of the year and in line with health regulations of the country months, we attended about 200 refugees.

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