Reducing child mortality is one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, ie, one of the humanitarian priorities of our times.

According to statistics from the United Nations Organization (UN), Sierra Leone is the country with the highest rate of infant mortality in the world. A child born in Sierra Leone has the lowest chance of living around the globe.

Malnutrition is a major cause of infant mortality in the world. Every day more than twenty thousand children die from preventable causes, one of the most serious humanitarian problems today.

Since 2011 field work developing a strategy to save lives, prevent and relieve suffering and to achieve the fundamental objectives of contributing to the welfare and sustainable development of human beings. We have significantly reduced mortality in the populations served and hope to follow suit in communities that can provide assistance.

Based on our mission to work for the inclusion, integration and development of all people, the Health-Nutrition Program provides local stocks of food, medicine, transportation, shelter with specialized treatment and ongoing assistance through a network of nutritional coverage water utility by local aid workers, who report emergencies for the prompt attention of our medical personnel with vehicles suitable for the field.

Aligned with the mission to act on behalf of children and adolescents at risk and consolidating the idea that all children have equal opportunities to realize their dreams do not hesitate to join forces to carry out such an important project.

People are aware of their problems and the will to overcome them, with people trained in each of the different positions and with such low operating costs (no large salaries or unnecessary structural expenditure) we believe we have all the necessary tools to bring hope and development to these communities, generating welfare and saving the lives of thousands of children each year, creating a great social impact with data that will be reflected in the statistics of the United Nations.

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