Built in the Sahel region in Mali 7 wells.

In 2008, after learning about the reality in Mali and the difficulties that the people of the region Niono and surrounding face to access to drinking water, we decided to work throughout the year raising the funds necessary to build their wells and thus improve the quality of life many people.

Proceeds from sporting and cultural events organized throughout the year added to specific donations for this project and we could raise just over € 9,000 to send to the NGO Engines Without Borders - For the construction of wells. In addition to this financial contribution, a team of volunteers personally joined the initiative. From Mallorca set off a caravan of members on the right track in five vans that traveled more than 12,000 kilometers, crossing Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal to reach Mali with medical supplies, medicine, food and participate in the final stage the construction of wells.

For us the satisfaction of sharing the joy of the local community and receiving their gratitude samples was indescribable. Those eyes full of affection we receive from children and adults in local communities they confirmed that both the long journey and the effort of a year of fundraising had been worth it!

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