Creating Your Travel Bucket List: A Simplified Guide

Oftentimes, we are too caught up in the daily buzz that we always fail to take time to think about ourselves. Sometimes, taking the time off to unwind and make dreams come true is always at the end of our priority list.

Hey, it doesn’t have to be that way, you know? One way to shift the way you perceive life is to create a Bucket List. It’s a collection of goals, dreams, and aspirations that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime. Today, let’s talk about Travel Bucket List. Traveling has a lot of wonderful benefits but sadly, it is one common thing that people put off for so many reasons – no budget, no time. Let me tell you, these can be addressed with proper planning. And what better time to plan than now? Let’s get on with it! 💪

First off, brainstorm – or more like, dreamstorm!

Write down every place and every activity that you want to try. Do not put limitations on how wild your imagination can go. After all, the goal here is to prepare for great life experiences.


You cannot go to all these places in one year, of course. Rank your destinations according to feasibility and how excited they make you. The top of the list should be destinations that you won’t mind being stressed especially over challenges in saving for, planning on and going to because you are too thrilled to be there and you know it’ll be worth it.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who. Going alone is refreshing but traveling with other people is fun (and possibly cheaper, too!) Check who you’d like to enjoy your trips with.
  • When. Plot these trips on your calendar. See how long these will take, either days only or a week, or a month. 
  • Where. Remember your priorities? Plan where to go first, then check the different options of getting there: whether by car or by plane.
  • How. How do you make this happen? How much money do you need to save up? Research for the cost of transportation, food and drinks, accommodation, activities, and don’t forget, your lost work time. You should save up for the last one, too, because you won’t be earning a salary while you’re out. The other important thing to answer is how to save up because it won’t be wise to rely solely on your credit card.
  • What. What are the things you need to do to make this happen? Now take a look back at your answers and list down steps you need to take. Put a deadline on every task and make sure to do it.

Prepare for your trip.

Now the time has come to finally check the first mark on your bucket list. Before you go, don’t forget to check if you didn’t miss anything such as housesitting arrangements (don’t forget about the pets, if you have, or they’ll starve), or passports and visas if traveling internationally, etc.

Overwhelming, is it?

Yes, maybe for those who haven’t tried it yet. But remember that a bucket list is the biggest celebration of life because it allows you to live the life you want without regrets. Traveling can be life-changing and life-affirming for everyone, and it’s all worth the difficulty of preparation.

This is not only for the rich but also for everyday people who can think up a plan and put it into action. 😁

Happy planning! ✈️

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