How to Make the Perfect Akara

How to Make the Perfect Akara

African Foodies;

Africa is a famous place with culture and traditions. In Africa, every culture and tradition has its own purpose. One thing that makes Africa unique is the food and its tradition. We will be talking about a country in Africa called Nigeria and a tribe called Yoruba tribe and some of the foods and special purpose.

Yoruba and Foods

The primary aim for cooking anywhere would be to quench hunger and give strength. However, some certain foods have spiritual sides to them that should not be taken with levity. The Yoruba tradition permits the cooking of some certain food during certain occasions. Examples of such foods are listed below


Akara is known as beans pancake in the western world. It is eaten along with other food such as eko, garri (cassava flakes), ogi/Akamu (pap) to get a better taste of it. It is very easy to prepare and it does not take much power and energy from you when you are preparing it. Preparing akara (beans pancake) is a gradual process, which we will be talking about in our next paragraph.

Preparing Akara

The very first step in the preparation of akara involves first soaking beans in water before peeling off the bark of the beans. The step that follows involves grinding it in either a smooth way or rough way depending on the style of akara you would like to prepare. Onions, pepper, Maggie, salt, and palm oil could be added to it, either before grinding or after grinding. Mix it up properly and fry it. It will be ready in less than eight minutes.

Hidden Fact about Akara

Akara (beans pancake) is one of the foods used as a sacrificial item in the Yoruba land to appease the gods whenever something is wrong in the society. One of the use of the food as sacrifice is the feast to orisa ibeji (the god of twins) whenever one of the twins or both of them die before their time. It is also used by people who seek mercy from the gods of the land as a feast to feed many people after performing some specific prayers on the food, it will be distributed to people around to have a taste of it. There is a belief that the extent, to which it is distributed and eaten, is the extent to which mercy is given to the person that seeks.

Whenever a person dies in a real Yoruba family, before any other party food will be cooked or served, a particular type of akara (beans pancake) called akara oku (beans pancake of the dead) is first prepared and served to the people who come visiting. However, the belief of the land forbids the husband or wife of the dead person from eating from the food because it is believed the dead will call on such person and he or she will be made to join the dead by dying. If you wish to know more about Yoruba beliefs and other traditional believes, follow up our posts every Tuesdays and Thursdays.



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