Thai Elephant Pants

The year 2017 comes with a lot of new fashion trends. While some are pretty questionable, some have definitely redefined style. Harem pants or Elephant pants are one such fashion trend. If worn properly, the elephant pants can look extremely classy and stylish. They are a comfortable piece of clothing that can be styled in multiple different ways. They also have an interesting history, just like their interesting elephant print.

Origin of the pants

As much as these elephant harem pants may satisfy your inner fashion diva, they actually serve a very noble cause. It is a fact, although a harsh one, that humans have a selfish nature. They have been using the Earth to produce benefits to their species while harming hundreds and thousands of other creatures. Animals haven’t particularly lived the best life on this planet. The beautiful creatures need care and that requires resources.

Elephant pants have elephants from the Thailand region printed all over the fabric in stylish ways. Each pant is sold for around $20 to $25 which is a pretty reasonable price. You can wear it around to add color to your outfit while spreading the love for elephants and alongside that, you would have contributed to the cause.

elephant pants

How to style these pants

Elephant print pants are inspired by the Thailand culture. They are loose and flowy which adds to the comfort of wearing them. You can get a basic black with white print, or something more colorful like blue or green base with complementing colored print. Here are a few ideas on how you can rock these pants anywhere and any day.

Basic top, casual look

Whatever colored pants you have, they can be easily styled with a fitted black shirt. It could be a basic and plain strapless one, a full sleeve shirt with a cute saying or something like a tank top. Any solid colored shirt could work for this look. For accessories, keep it simple. Tiny stud earrings and a watch will do. Flip flops or sliders compliment the casual attire.

Casually edgy

Wear a loose t-shirt and tie a knot to add an edgy vibe to the outfit. Add converse to the look to complete it. If you own something like fur earrings, or long metallic ones, this is the outfit you should pair those with. A stylish watch will add the finishing touches.

Dress it up

An off-shoulder crop top with a frilly bit around the shoulders sounds like the perfect chic pairing with the elephant pants. Put on metallic shoes. Hoop earrings and a delicate necklace, preferably a choker will add a slightly dressed up look. This outfit will be a good option for when you’re going out for lunch and want to capture some stylish pictures on the way.

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