Great friendships give rise to great initiatives and this is what can be seen in our case too. Being the owner of the Harem Garden clothing brand I not only help bring awareness to the cause of protection of elephants but also make efforts to preserve and secure human life too. In joint efforts with the founder of Por un Buen Camino, a charity organization, we have been helping provide support to the African families from our business and organized sporting events.
How did it come into being?
Well, it didn’t start right away. I, Mark Floyd, have always had a great love for traveling and exploring the world. It was during one of my traveling trips to Europe that I came across, Federico Rettori Freddy, the Executive Director of Por un Buen Camino. It was during this visit that I came across the great work this charity organization had been doing and how it had been providing support to countless African families. Not having a plan back then, we decided to get back to this collaboration once I had something going on. Now that I have Harem Garden, we decided to get back to Freddy’s passion for helping the human lives and my promise of being a part of the initiative. Now a regular contribution is made to Por un Buen Camino so that all the workers who help make our clothes can get extra financial support through the charity organization.
What have we done so far?
Harem Garden, in itself, focuses on the elephants and how they need to get a safe environment to live in. The clothes are the embodiment of the value they bring to our environment.Some of the many projects through which we are playing our part of giving back to the society are:
  • We supported the Somali refugees in the famine areas. This was done by providing them with food and all the relevant support to help them survive and go through rehabilitation process successfully.
  • We have also been making efforts to reduce child mortality rate in Sierra Leonne. We provided them with nutritious food to help them revive their health and increase their chances of survival.
  • There had always been a scarcity of natural supply of water in Mali. When this came to our attention we decided to solve this problem in a way that would lessen their dependency on anyone for the supply of clean drinking water. We built them wells, hence providing them with a natural source of clean water.

This is not the end but just the beginning. We plan on collaborating on many such ventures for years to come. Our goal is to help improve the quality of human life on this planet and make their lives a lot safer and happier. The friendship which began with a travel trip to Europe 15 years ago is now all set to achieve its goal and help the families in African countries. Follow our website today, to know more about the projects we are working on.