Who Are We?



Who are we?

The solidarity association "For a Good Path" was founded in 2008 with the purpose of actively and unselfishly helping the most unprotected. The essence of our grouping lies in voluntary social support materialized in different areas and levels without any profit. Being close to the neediest, especially children, improving their quality of life and building together a more prosperous future is the fuel of our actions. The design and implementation of humanitarian projects are the basis of our activity.

The main objectives of these projects are to save, preserve and protect human lives; Generate and improve the basic conditions for a decent and sustainable development; As well as preventing or alleviating the suffering caused by extreme poverty. Most members of the association actively participate in the development of their social mandate, through planning, organization, logistical support, legal and financial assistance, fundraising and monitoring of activities. It is the partners who voluntarily design and facilitate the implementation of projects obtaining funds for their financing, planning and organizing activities, monitoring for the correct execution either from headquarters or from the specific destination (traveling at their own expense).

The great diversity of the profiles of its partners (professionals in the social, medical, legal, financial, informatic, journalistic, international and other fields) allows our association to count on a source of human resources of incalculable value. Our strength lies in the union of solidarity energies and in the channeling those efforts through the most varied activities. The design, planning, implementation and monitoring of projects is based on development cooperation, that is, the help provides the means and the necessary training to achieve sustainable development over time. The funding of the projects is obtained from a variety of sources, like the regular contribution of the partners, private donations, public aid, the creation of foundations or the organization of social events. Awareness-raising activities are carried out both at headquarters and in the field. At the headquarters, the aim is to promote a culture of solidarity, while on the ground there is an attempt to raise awareness about basic issues for survival in adverse conditions (health campaigns, human rights campaigns, educational campaigns, etc.).

We decided to leave the indifference behind to become protagonists. We decided to be sensitive to the realities that surround us to create a better world. We decided to put our grain of sand to be instruments of hope for those who need it most.

With the firm conviction that we can be useful to others, we continue to work to generate awareness and build a better future for all. In each of us lies the force of change…