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About Harem Garden

Harem Garden is a clothing company based in Salt Lake City, United States where we have our own factory and offices. This company produces quality handmade clothing and sells them through the Harem Garden online store. Through this store, we aim to reach out to customers across the world and offer them our amazing, handcrafted products. We chose to be located here in the United States for one main reason which is to hasten our deliveries. We like being here because we are able to provide our customers with great clothing and guarantee them faster shipping times.

"HaremGarden.com is jointly run by a Caucasian male and an African American female, who also personally design the products. Together, they have sold quality clothing all over the world to stores and boutiques. They now want to reach out directly to customers who love our style of clothing and enjoy shopping online."

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Meet The Team

Mark - director

Not only does he oversee the operations here at Harem Garden, making sure products get designed, manufactured and delivered for you; he also ensures our company & workforce is very customer focused.

Ariel - ambassador

In charge of interacting with our amazing customers and spreading the word about our brand, she’s the face behind Harem Garden’s social networks and also, very active with the charity campaigning. Her natural habitat is curled up on her couch in our super comfortable Dashiki Pants.

Steve - fulfillment

When you order one of Harem Gardens awesome products, it will be fulfilled and delivered to your door from our super clean and organized warehouse which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here, we aim to have your order delivered to you as quickly as possible, with love and care.

Fair Trade

We Are Proud to Be a Fair Trade Organisation

We work on the principles of fair trade. Selling fair trade products is the most critical step to growing a business and making it different from other businesses in the same space. We’ve added fair-trade artisan products to our collection to bring you better design options and spread a positive message about our brand. We are committed to the people of Thailand and our customers to make our brand an achievement story.  

All our products are designed by a highly skilled family based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

What does a Fair Trade imply?

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