International Shipping Info

Did you get your order tracked?

This statement is for shipments "outside" the USA

I'll honest with you, you're better off actually adding a few more items to your order so you qualify for free shipping, your parcel is also TRACKED which is a huge bonus! 

Basically, you're getting free stuff instead of paying for shipping – the money you were paying for shipping is now being spent on a new item instead!! It's a win-win – more cool stuff for you, free shipping, and did I mention it's tracked? 

 This is what you get when you upgrade your shipping to “tracked”, it’s only $10.

You can track down lost items (this is very uncommon but you can never be too cautious)

You can see exactly where your package is at all times.

See when it is due for delivery so you can be around to receive it! 

Your parcel is safe and more secure throughout the shipping process.

If you're in Europe, tracking your package is a GREAT idea! Even if you don't find anything else you need right now, upgrading to tracked shipping makes sure your parcel is safe! You can see exactly where it is, and when it's due for delivery so you can be around to receive it! 

So, a little tip - add something else to your cart and get free tracked shipping – or upgrade to tracked for extra security - if you have any questions about International Shipping, please contact us, we are always ready to assist you with your inquiries