Fair Trade Page

Why Buy Our Fair Trade Harem Pants?

Each dollar you spend on our African products translates into help for street children in Africa. The money is used to improve their standard of living and provide them with the necessary facilities such as food, clothes, sanitary protecting, education and a lot more. Each pair of pants sold will feed 25 children.
All our products are made in Bangkok, Thailand, by a huge family run business. This family has now become very good friends with Harem Garden and they once said that they feel as though we are now part of the family.

What does a Fair Trade imply?
A Fair Trade business must comply with the environmental, social, and economic standards that guard the safety and health of the workers. This includes:
  • A secure work environment
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Fair pay
  • Freedom from practices such as child labor or bonded labor
  • Elimination of harmful chemicals
  • Facilities such as sick leaves and maternity leaves
  • And a lot more…

Our goals

Education for African children
We’ll work with NGOs that cater to African children, especially African girls who are devoid of education and necessities such as sanitary towels.
Satisfaction guaranteed
At Harem Garden, we promise our harem pants won’t disappoint you. All our products are crafted from superior-quality materials.
Sustainable work practices
We work towards a bright present and a brighter future. Our work practices are aimed at protecting the environment.

The Founder’s corner
We are proud to be a Fair Trade brand
We are dedicated to serving our customers with high-quality products and at the same time, protecting the environment around us. With our Fair Trade products, we’ve grown to the next level to ensure that we provide our workers with excellent work conditions and a fair pay. By supporting our brand, you’re supporting thousands of homeless street children.”
  • CEO and Founder, Harem Garden